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albert scrivens
Born in United Kingdom
60 years
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every day i shead a tear becaue my love you are not hear but in my heart i have no fear as one day we will meet again in our secret garden my dear love you our albert xx pat & rainy xxpat


This memorial website was created by Pat to remember our dearest Albert Scrivens who was born in Rhodes Middleton United Kingdom on august  24, 1944 and passed away on december 15, 2004 at the age of 60. You will live forever in our memories and hearts



























































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Latest Memories
pat with love
4 years has gone time seems to fly only left heartaches no good reason why  soul mates got parted and left only memories i miss you so much and its hard to bear the memories brings tears still i cannot stop  thats cos you were my life and i love you non stop   ab xx
pat with love
4 years are gone time does fly ,all i can do still is sit here and cry i mss you cant bear it , why should it be  to separate to loved ones seems heartless to me        you was my world and i was yours  theres nothing left but memories and hearbreak albert  xx

A golden heart stopped beating,Hard working hands at rest, God broke our hearts to prove to us he only takes the best.



our albert

     I think of the time we all shared together the laughter the fun ,all the good time we had and there were lots of them i hold you in my heart albert untill we all meet againx

There are many memories to many to say, But one things for sure each one a happy day,Always a smile lots of laughter and fun ,not so many now that you have gone,Miss you lots , We come to see you each week and hope you hear the kids tell you about there days.xxxxxxxxx.

Latest Condolences
pat mrs June 17, 2010
If roses grow in heaven lord please pick a bunch for me
Place them in my angels arms tell him they come from me
Tell him i love and miss him,and when he turns and smiles
Place a kiss on his cheek,and hold him for a while
because remembering is easy i do it every day
But there is a heart ache within my heart that never goes away
Kate Thinking of you February 6, 2010
Cheri & Kate Thinking of you Albert December 15, 2008
Pat sadness,, April 17, 2008

Albert how i miss you ,know one could ever know,the heartbreak and the longing will never ever go I visit your place each sunday, with flowers i hope you see,  but the sadness when i leave you, is hard to bear for me love you always xx

pat the sadness February 6, 2008
the sadness never goes my love, i dont no what to  do,the hours go slowly passing by ,i am always missing you, my life is lost without you,i sit alone and cry, for there is nothing left to do now,,   but watch the days go by
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